About Us



(Corner of Ralph Hall Parkway and Mims Road)

Since 2004, Virtuoso Arts, Inc, dba ‘Rockwall School of Music’, has been providing convenience to our families. Rockwall School of Music (aka ‘RSM’) provides multiple teachers for most every type of music lesson. By having so many options for lesson times, students, teens, and adults, find it super simple to carve out a 30-, 45- or 60-minute block of time weekly for their morning, afternoon or evening lessons. RSM is open six days a week (Monday through Saturday) to easily coordinate with your busy schedule. Our goal is to provide you with the most amazing selection of teachers in the greater Rockwall area. They will foster your musical interest by helping you learn the music that YOU want to play or sing.

The perceived challenge of learning music isn’t a challenge at all, once you are connected with the right teacher. That’s where we come in…we’ve taken all the guess-work out of finding a quality teacher who has a passion for teaching. That’s at the core of what RSM offers. You can be assured that our teachers have one goal in mind…helping you develop the skills that’s needed for you to succeed!

Rockwall School of Music is conveniently located at 1920 Mims Rd, Rockwall, TX, just one block south of I-30 at the corner of Mims Rd. and Ralph Hall Parkway.


These commissioned works of art were a combination of the creative skills of Russ and Karen Porter, owners of the Rockwall School of Music and local professional artist, Joetta Currie. These original triptych pieces of art are prominently displayed in the main hallway of the Rockwall School of Music as a way of supporting the city-wide Art in Public Spaces emphasis.

We have some key principles that we always stand behind.  The Rockwall School of Music promises that:

  • Your teacher will be university trained from an accredited university or the equivalent.
  • Your lesson will be taught in a distraction-free environment, which allows the ultimate scenario for success.
  • Your lesson will be taught in a safe environment and by an instructor who has received a pristine background check.
  • The safety of your child is priority #1 while they are away from your immediate supervision.
  • You can enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that music lessons are provided summer, winter, spring and fall.
  • Our year-round approach to teaching allows for multiple recitals and other performing opportunities for your student.
  • Our friendly office staff is dedicated to providing a quality customer service experience for all of our clients.

The RSM Guarantee: We guarantee that you will be highly satisfied with your lessons or you can change to any of the other instructors, no questions asked.

There’s no other promise like this because there’s no other place like the Rockwall School of Music. Experience the difference!